12 Fantastically Fascinating Things To Do With Your Hero

Looking for new ways to challenge yourself?  Want to do something a bit different with your Hero?  Here are 12 cool and creative activities to do with your Hero!

Reusing, Reinventing and Revitalizing:


One of the biggest issues in our global society today is waste management. What are we to do with all these plastic bottles, used soup cans and old car tyres? Well if you have a green thumb and a sense of creativity why not use what might be considered rubbish around your house and convert it into horticultural treasures! Truly the sky is the limit when it comes to creating beautiful, environmentally sustainable, and stunning garden pieces out of recycled items. You could create a trickle down hydroponic set up from fishing wire and used plastic bottles which saves both water and creates a beautiful wall garden. Got some old tires that too worn for the car? Why not create circular garden beds for growing herbs, tomatoes, strawberries or your choice of flowers to beautify your lawn, patio or courtyard. Here is a link where you can scroll through dozens of creative recycle gardening ideas.



Sydney is abounding and surrounded by sites of natural beauty. Though the city is famous for its lush beaches, it’s snorkelling sites are just as splendid. Each of the sites I will mention are abound with a variety of temperate coastal life from imperial wrasse, wobby-gongs, Port Jackson sharks, blue groupers and even the occasional sea dragon! In the south-eastern suburbs, such sites as Clovelly Beach, Gordon’s bay and the south end of Coogee beach are filled with the best of Sydney’s ocean life. Manly’s ‘Shelley Beach’ is an excellent spot for snorkelling – featuring a sunken motorbike the bay is also a site for numerous dolphin sightings. Make sure to be accompanied by your Hero for safety reasons, and make sure that your swimming ability and confidence is satisfactory – and that you have knowledge of swimming safety.



Painting can be a marvellous way to express yourself. The fluidity of brush strokes, and the ability to mix colours almost effortlessly makes painting an art form that can be transformed and curtailed to the perfect whim of the artist. And you don’t necessarily have to paint on a canvas! No! You can paint anything to beautify your living space. You can dye your lamp shade in mottled colours to allow it to give off certain hues once turned on! You can repaint an old cabinet whose old tarnished wood has seen better days. You could even paint a mural upon your wall, beautifying your living room with a touch of original character.  Don’t want to get all the materials?  You can go to a group painting class with your Hero!  Cork and Chroma run a cool one in Surry HIlls http://www.corkandchroma.com.au/

Learning how to make that perfect coffee:


With plenty of online video courses on YouTube, Vimeo and other websites you can spend your afternoon in the kitchen perfecting the art of coffee making – EVEN without a machine – maybe you’ll be the first person to reinvent the Turkish coffee.

SS Ayerfield:


A truly odd, inspiring and miraculous site – blending nature and history. In Homebush bay, near the Olympic park, there is a WW2 wreck if a shipping freighter which ran aground some shallows. There it has remained since its abandonment and can be easily seen floating above the water. Often credited as the ‘Floating Forest’ its deck is over-grown with mangrove trees and appears to resemble its name sake. A great photo spot, wonder of oddity and sketching opportunity.

The White Rabbit Gallery: 


The Sydney suburb of Chippendale is home to a very unique art gallery the ‘White Rabbit’ gallery. This is a contemporary art gallery centred around displaying the works of modern up and coming Chinese artists. A visit to this gallery not only gives an insight into modern Chinese culture but a peek into the art world of a bustling nation with one foot in the past and another in the future. There is also a traditional Chinese house with the finest imported Chinese and Taiwanese teas and delicious treats. Here is a link to their website http://www.whiterabbitcollection.org/

Feeding the Homeless:


This project is for those who have easy access between their home and central station, and who are comfortable with travelling with a Hero during night time hours. ‘Will 2 Live’ is a food truck service for the homeless that operates at central station on the corner of Eddy avenue and Pitt street. It not only supplies physical nourishment but also psychological nourishment and support, as volunteers can often take the time to talk and interact with the homeless. A listening ear is a powerful thing indeed, spending a short evening here can help someone gain confidence to negate the troubles of life and make our community a better place. The Will 2 Live food truck operates at the corner of Eddy Avenue and Pitt Street at central station every week night Monday-Friday from 8:30 (make sure to get there on time). If you want to contact the Will 2 Live page here is their website http://www.will2live.org.au/.



Sydney is not just a concrete jungle but is home to a number of wild locations where the abundance of nature meets the convenience of the city suburban locale. There is nothing better than to immerse yourself amongst nature on a beautiful sunny temperate day. Spotting our native feathered and furry friends can often be a welcoming sight and can bring your mind away from hustle and bustle of the chaotic city. Immersing ones-self amongst nature has been proven to improve both your psychological state and creativity. Make sure however that you can make the walk – this means not taking bushwalks that may endanger your health and are appropriate for your fitness level. Always make sure to go with your Hero, just in case anything happens along the trail. There are number of excellent bushland regions across the city of Sydney. In the north of Sydney one could traverse the natural and cultural beauty (the red hand painted cave being a key Indigenous site!) of ‘Kuring-gai’ national park – which can be reached by train, and if you would like something a little easier to travel through the Lane Cove National park near the Macquarie University train station is a beautiful site– bush regeneration has allowed the emergence of species such as the bandicoot, the southern rail and sugar glider. In south of Sydney sites such as the coastal wonder of ‘Cornell’ national park which sits along the proximity of a marine reserve and the ‘Royal National Park’ are also marvellous spots to visit, however public transport is limited in these areas.

Sketching the Saint Mary Cathedral:


Located in the heart of the city the St Mary’s Cathedral is Sydney’s largest church. It is a stunning example of gothic architecture with sweeping buttresses, snarling gargoyles, details of saints carved into the doorways and a ceiling speckled with a painted fresco. Bring your sketching pad along and sketch the beguiling details of medieval art and gothic architecture.



Do not underestimate the power of knitting! A methodical and repetitive process such as knitting is known to provide therapeutic psychological properties for the artist – akin to meditation! Surprise your loved one with a knitted jumper or some fantastically coloured socks, maybe knit a cute beanie for your hero – or maybe your hero can knit you a cute beanie! There have even been examples of people knitting cosies for their cactus’s! The possibilities are endless! And colourful!

Photography at The Sydney Botanical Gardens:


Photography is an artistic pursuit that becomes more refined and creative as technology develops. With all the effects, toning and conditioning available in photography software at your fingertips photography has become an art practice that can be transformed to your pleasure. Botanical gardens has more than 1,500 species of native flowering plants, a fern house and a collection of exotic Asian orchids, all awaiting that perfect snap!

Stone and Wood Carving:


Soap stone is a malleable stone type that can be carved with ease into marvellous shapes and forms. Using store bought carving knives or an old kitchen knife you can create eye catching necklace pieces or paper weights in whatever design pleases you. When carving, wood make sure you use safety wear such as; gloves, eye protection and exhaust mask as tools used for carving wood may be hazardous if used without protection. When carving any material, including soap stone, remember to use clothes to avoid any possible cuts or grazes.













By Jackson Perrett

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