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A mission born out of compassion

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Hi, we’re Mat and Jenna. A few years ago we moved my parents from Montreal to Sydney. But it wasn’t as simple as that. My dad had just recovered from lung cancer and my mum was recuperating after she got a brain virus called encephalitis. Whilst they had all the medical help they needed, they didn’t have a way to get out of their apartment, make friends in the community and have FUN!

We started Home Care Heroes so my parents could connect with and choose someone who they wanted to hang out with and who they could have fun with! In our case it was a young lady who went to the beach with my parents and played guitar with my dad!

We know how challenging finding the right person to help you out with your loved ones and we’re incredibly passionate about making this easy, affordable and personalised!

Who are our Heroes?

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Your Hero is your friend and helping hand who will take care of you or your loved ones. They are people who you love to spend time with and who really want to build a friendship with you too! You choose your own Hero so you can find someone you get along with and they can understand exactly how you like things done and how you like to have fun!

Each Home Care Hero undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they meet our standards (we don’t accept any Heroes we wouldn’t want taking care of our own families) and the standards you would expect. They are carefully screened, including a values test and a face-to-face interview, background and police checks and are fully insured.