Get more work as a Hero


1. You need a knockout profile.

A big part of this is your profile picture.  Make sure it’s a really nice photo of you smiling, best to have an outdoor background as the lighting is a bit brighter and happier.

Another is your biography, people want to get to know you as an individual, to be able to see whether they can trust you and build a friendship with you.  It’s the little things that can build bonds and strike up a friendship.  So if you love model trains or karate or WWE wrestling or going to church or singing, then let us know!  Put it all up there in your profile!

Our Hero Jess who has worked with us for over 8 months and has several clients has written a great blog post on how to make your profile appealing.  Here’s the link to her awesome blog post

2.  Be active with us – volunteer to write a blog post, like our page and pics on facebook, get involved with events, pitch ideas, refer clients, send in photos of you doing interesting things e.g. if you have knit a blanket, send us a photo (even if you’re not with a client).  We get phone calls from clients asking for recommendations of Heroes, if you are at the front of our mind because we know you’re super enthusiastic and passionate then we will recommend you for jobs you are suitable for.  Here is the link to our facebook page

3.  Check your notifications and phone – reply promptly when Seekers message you and get in there early when a job is posted that your available for.  As above, we get people calling us and we call Heroes to see if they are interested and available.  Make sure to pick up your phone or call us back promptly.  Heroes who are non-responsive will now be deactivated if we try to reach out multiple times and over multiple platforms and still don’t hear back from you.

4.  Availability – when you sign up as a Hero you need to have a certain amount of availability for work, more availability will mean more work for you!

5.  Feedback – once you have started working as a Hero, get your Seeker to give you feedback, especially a rating out of 5.  This comes up when Seekers search Hero profiles, if you have a heart rating and some great feedback then you’re more likely to get some work.

6.  Refer Seekers to Home Care Heroes – if you know someone who needs some help, tell them about us, the more people you guys get using us the more work we get for the community.  It’s a double bonus because you get $50 when they transact with us.  And a triple bonus if the person you refer uses you because then you get $50 and work!


We are looking for Heroes to get more involved with us – to write a blog, to take pics of themselves working as Heroes and just doing cool stuff!  Get in touch at to have a chat
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