Being a Hero – More than just a job

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I started working for Home Care Heroes in January of this year. This was a choice borne out of my firm beliefs in equal, socially inclusive opportunities as well as my love of a people-centred environment. In the 7 months since I have joined, I have just completed my 140th “job” – and I use the quotation marks purposely because I’m not sure it counts as a job if it only feels like you’re at “work” half of the time.

It’s more than just invoices through a website
Home Care Heroes is a living, breathing, rapidly growing community. What I didn’t realise when I signed up was that the relationships between a “carer” and “seeker” are not so explicitly demarcated. I experienced this first hand when my family went through a rough patch of its own, to which my clients and their beautiful families were able to extend their support and offer an ear in my own time of need.

The opportunities are numerous and exciting
One of the greatest assets you’ll find working as a hero is the spontaneity of the jobs on offer and the vast opportunities that lie before you. To illustrate this point, I have been fortunate enough to regularly accompany some of the boys I work with to NRL football matches, the movies, bowling and laser tag. I am also going to China in August with one of my clients for a “working holiday”  – which was an incredibly kind gesture to thank me for the work I have been doing. To any potential clients reading this.. A simple “thank you” more than suffices!

Am I really being paid for this?
Having worked as a gardener, brand ambassador & doorknocker/salesman I have always remained appreciative of this job.  Just the other week as I was taking one of my clients to Collaroy beach, two thoughts came to mind. Firstly, “why didn’t I bring two jumpers?” And secondly, “I can’t believe this is what I get to do for work”. To think that I got to spend my day at one of my favourite places having a milkshake (another questionable choice given the cold) with a client really placed the other jobs I had into perspective.

What I’ve come to realise about this line of work is that facilitating social inclusion can be done by anyone. If you are reliable, empathetic and available I would absolutely urge to you to sign up and find out what the community is all about. Just by being you, you are qualified.


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