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Ming C.

20 year old female Hero based in Campbelltown, New South Wales 2560.

About Ming

Hi! I am an occupational therapy student in Western Sydney University. I am an international student from China so I can speak Mandarin fluently. I really want to be your hero!
I took part in several volunteer activities this year, including being a tutor in AIME - a...


Please let me be your hero!

As an occupational therapy student, I know clearly that we should be client-centred. During communication, I would not use words making elders or disables uncomfortable. On contrary, I would make people who I help feel being treated justice and fulfilment in life.
I have a variety of interests and I like talking with people. I am more than willing to know others' stories and experiences and use them to help them better. Helping others is the great thing, which can make me feel my life meaningful.
I had experiences taking care of elders in welfare house in high school as well. I helped with cleaning and chatted with elders. Sometimes we went out to take a walk in the park nearby.
I have Police Check, Working With Children Check and First Aid Certificate.



Ming is particularly interested in the following activities.

Fun & Games
Going to Events
Health & Wellbeing


Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Languages spoken

Mandarin, English
Preferred language: Both