Massage for elderly, people with disabilities and their carers

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My name is Melida. I’m one of your Home Care Heroes.  I started this journey a year ago and have worked with some incredible people and have enjoyed every moment I have had with them.


For the last year I have been working a full time job and being a mother to 2 wonderful boys.  I have also been following my passion to make a difference to the world by helping people in need and making them feel good, which is why I am a Home Care Hero and also why I have trained and practice as a Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist.


This is a technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses acupressure, cupping and lifestyle/food advice. It also combines Thai massage and Osteopathic techniques (joint mobilization).  I believe that by bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit it enhances our natural ability to heal ourselves.


My treatments are based on being present, having focused intention and giving unconditional love.  Each session is tailor made to the client’s needs.


The common conditions that are addressed include:

– Lower back, neck and shoulder pain

– Joint mobilization

– Energy depletion

– Weak immune system


After a year working with Home Care Heroes and becoming a Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist I realised

that I could bring the two things that I like the most together.


That is why I would like to offer this kind of therapy to people with disabilities and to their families.


People with disabilities and illness build a lot of tension in their bodies due to either their conditions or the frustration of not being able to communicate with others or do what they would like to do.  This is something that I have noticed working as a Hero, and whilst as Heroes we make this easier, Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy takes this to the next level as it is soothing and allows the body and mind to relax.


Primary carers also carry a lot stress due to the responsibility of looking after a loved one 24/7 and  the physical and mental fatigue that brings.


I know carers and people in need don’t always have time, or might find it difficult to get to a spa or an appointment so I would like to offer this therapy to the Home Care Hero’s Community with two special features:

– 25% discount

– I will come to your Home


My Offering:

30min massage $40 reduced to $30 at your home

60min massage $80 reduced to $60 at your home


Set up an appointment calling 0430 486 242 – Melida

You can find more information at

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